Monday, September 19, 2016

Family MasterChef Challenge #1 Smoothies

My children love MasterChef. Especially MasterChef. After watching an episode (or 2 or 3) they all run to the kitchen to cook. I have thought previously about hosting a family MasterChef competition (modified of course) but just never did.

One day I bit the bullet and suggested it. They loved the idea! We quickly had contestant volunteers and judge volunteers. My husband became head judge. His first challenge was smoothies, a family favorite. They had to utilize canned or bottled fruit.

And would you believe it? I never got pictures! But here are the results:

1st Place Julia with her pear, strawberry, Tilamook strawberry yogurt, and lemon-lime kool aid
2nd Place was Mandy/Stephanie with their Otter Pop inspired smoothie
2nd Place was Rachel with her Italian Soda inspired smoothie. I used a homemade chocolate nib ice cream and poured over it an apricot, strawberry & fruit cocktail smoothie.

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