Monday, September 19, 2016

Family MasterChef Challenge #2 Cookies

Another favorite family treat is cookies. We actually make cookies to sell when kids need money. We have good recipes. My oldest daughter Sara was visiting for the weekend and she's one of our best cookie makers. So she joined us as a contestant.

On this one I ended up having to be on one team and help two others. But the ideas were all theirs.

The challenge this week was cookies, but you had to change at least one thing in the recipe either adding or subtracting. We also had a "Mystery Box", a bowl full of candy bars, assorted chocolates, nuts, etc. that people could use as part of their challenge.

In first place was Julia with her deconstructed cookie "cake pops". She had two flavors: Andes mints with white chocolate and Peanut Butter cups with milk chocolate.

Second place went to Mandy & Stephanie for their cookie ice cream sandwiches. Sorry I forgot to photograph! You can kind of see one on the glass plate.

3rd place went to Sara for her chocolate dipped cookie

 3rd place also went to Rachel & Lisa for their "Toll House with a twist" served with homemade hot chocolate and chocolate mousse.

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