Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family Master Chef Challenge: Flatbreads

 Tonight's challenge featured flat breads. We had quite a few guest judges who trickled in and wanted to help judge this competition. In the end they couldn't decide on a winner. So I will introduce them in the order served.

Julia's Veggie salad tossed with Poppy Seed dressing served with a warmed pita. Judges liked the use of and variety of vegetables and loved the dressing. Great balance. 


Mandy served a mini tostada served on a fried flour tortilla topped with beans, cheese, lettuce & olives. Judges said it was good enough to be served at a restaurant and it was perfectly crispy.

Stephanie served a variety of veggies and diced chicken nuggets in a whole wheat pita pocket. Judges thought it was delicious.

Lisa made a tortilla covered in nutella and stuffed with bananas. It was surprisingly delicious!

Rachel made a homemade crepe stuffed with strawberries, whipped cream, & chocolate sauce, and topped with more chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Judges all liked it.

Crepe recipe can be found on this blog on the page Dinners: French Influence.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Eggs at Last!

So one of my dear sweet adorable chickens decided to start laying early! We weren't expecting eggs until Spring. For the last few days she has delivered to us an absolutely stunning beautiful egg each day.

And they're tiny! The kids think they are absolutely adorable and run around making "oh my gosh it's so cute I can believe it I'm going to die" little girl noises. I must admit I may have sounded just like them when my husband brought me the first two.

General Conference & Chocolate Waffles

I'm really not sure how the tradition got started. But it did.

One night many years ago my daughter (can't remember which one) and I were watching some clips from Alton Brown's show "Good Eats". And he made chocolate waffles. We just had to try them! Our lives have never been the same since. Check out the recipe under "Breakfast Breads".

Every General Conference now has to include Sunday Brunch with chocolate waffles, topped with ice cream and all the toppings of course!

Family MasterChef Challenge #4: Cupcakes

Today we tackled cupcakes. With no working ovens I might add! Dozens of cupcakes were baked 6 at a time in a toaster oven of all things. It went well despite that!

My brother showed up at just the right time so we roped him and his friend into being judges for us.

They had a hard time deciding on a winner, so they came up with 5 categories with two winners in each.

For all American, Mandy took first place with her chocolate cupcake, purple frosting, and kit kat and chocolate rock "flower".  Julia took second.

For the classic cupcake category, Megan and Lisa won with their homemade white cupcakes with chocolate butter cream and sprinkles. Mandy took second.

In the sweetest category, Julia won with her stuffed cupcake topped with white chocolate and butterscotch. Stephanie took second.

In the richest category Stephanie won with her Frosted Brownie cupcake topped with Oreo crumbs. Rachel took second.

In the most sophisticated category, Rachel won with her mini layer cake filled with mousse and chocolate flavored cream. Julia placed second.

 A fun time was had by all.