Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year's Eve, Eve

As you've probably seen from other pages in my blog, New Year's Eve is a pretty big deal at our house. The kids absolutely love our New Year's Eve tradition of piles of appetizer food followed by movies and Martielli's at midnight.

Well this year I was asked to cater a dance for 1000 youth on New Year's Eve, so I tried (in vain) to get out of this meal or have it for Christmas Eve instead. The kids wouldn't hear of it. They were not willing to miss out on any traditional meals.

So we held this meal the night before New Year's, invited a few friends over, and celebrated as if it was New Year's Eve.

By this time I was so sick of party food that I actually only had two desserts: muddy buddies and a divided plate of Christmas treats. The interesting thing was, that the rest of the food went first. I had 9 savory dishes, 2 fruit dishes, and 2 desserts. Everything was gone before the desserts. I guess I wasn't alone in my sugar aversion this year!

A few pictures:

Lil Smokie pigs in a blanket are a required part of this meal

New to us this year. My husband and I went to a party where someone brought a humongous cheese board. I have never seen my husband that enthralled with food before. So I made him (a much smaller) one for Christmas and New Year's.

Some of my kids asked for a cheese ball without green onions. I created a new cheese ball that everyone actually likes better than the original. See party food recipes for more info.

Store bought crab cakes

New this year: baked "fried" ravioli. My kids really wanted a pasta dish and I wanted finger food.

I just grabbed any veggies in the fridge and prepped them. This was surprisingly popular.

I burnt my bacon, so they are missing their bacon bits. They were still good though.

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