Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sushi Conquered

I've always wanted to learn to make sushi, but I just never got around to it. Then one night my daughter's boyfriend drove all the way from Ogden with my daughter to take us out to sushi just because he was craving it. At that point I figured out what to get him for Christmas.

I ordered an extensive kit from Amazon, and spent hours watching you tube videos. My little girls joined me and were thoroughly discusted. I showed them that anything can go in sushi and we ended up watching videos of fruit sushi and candy sushi. Big mistake.

When they heard I was making sushi, I had to then make some that they were willing to eat. So I ended up with a very, VERY long Christmas Eve.

I started the day before and prepped everything I could. By the time I went to bed that night, the kitchen was immaculate and laid out for the next day.

 Early Christmas Eve morning I woke up to start the rice. I made two batches. One with sugar and coconut milk and vanilla, and the other with sushi vinegar.

I did the candy sushi first with the help of my daughter who is an expert Rice Krispy Treat maker.

With those out of the way, my confidence increased. I tried the fruit sushi next.

By that point, people were starting to wake up and it was time to move on to the real stuff. As they were distracted by the fruit and candy sushi I finished prepping my shrimp and scallops.

I was so nervous! I had nightmares that night that my rice wouldn't be sticky enough or that the rolls would just fall apart when I sliced them. I was worried.

It went better than I thought. I wish I had pictures of the plate of vegetables and the plate of meat. They were beautiful in and of themselves. But I was busy trying to cook the tempura shrimp and keep people's hands off the food.

Veggies I Prepped in Advance:
Fire roasted red pepper strips
Cucumber sticks
Steamed asparagus

Meat I Had:
boiled shrimp (skewered to be straight)
tempura shrimp
tempura shrimp with coconut in the batter
salmon dip
crab legs, sliced
crab claw mixed with spicy mayo for a crab salad
scallops, sliced in thin slices and barely cooked

crunchy tempura bits
toasted white sesame
toasted black sesame
diced scallions
coconut (leftover from the fruit sushi but people liked it on the savory as well)

"Eel" sauce
spicy mayo

soy sauce

The recipient of this gift got to first pick whatever he wanted. He has me go straight to the "inside out" roll so I never got to practice the easier one with the nori on the outside. Fortunately, it turned out ok. Everyone loved it! After that people got to make requests and I would make it for them. When there was a lull I would invent one.

After 7 or 8 rolls, everyone got full so they left to watch a movie. I covered the rice and put the fillings in the fridge. A neighbor found out about it and showed up about an hour and a half later, and so we repeated the process but with more adult flavors and more spice (the kids were done at this point!). We made about 16 or 17 rolls in all.

 All in all it was enough of a success that everyone started talking about what they would do "next time". Well, here's to next time!

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