Dinner: Asian Influence

I love Asian food, but not the work. I've tried "from scratch recipes", but most are time consuming and don't taste as good as store bought. I've included here a few of my favorite easy recipes.

Peanut Chicken & Vegetables

I love peanut sauce. I love chicken. I love vegetables and rice noodles. So one night I decided to simplify a very complicate recipe and this is what I came up with.


1 package popcorn chicken (however much you need for your family)
1 jar of peanut sauce
fresh veggies of your choosing (carrots, broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, etc.)
1 package of rice noodles


Cook chicken to package directions. Prep veggies. Lightly stir fry in a couple Tlb. of oil until desired doneness is reached. If you are using peppers or other veggies that cook fast, I recommend waiting to add them until the harder vegetables such as broccoli and carrots are almost done.

When veggies are almost done, Cook rice noodles according to package directions.

Try your peanut sauce to see how spicy it is. You can put the peanut sauce on just the veggies, just the chicken, mix the two together and pour over everything, or serve the sauce on the side. Just depends on how your family likes it. My littles hate spicy and vegetables, so I put the sauce on just the vegetables.

Serve and enjoy!


Fried Rice

I love fried rice. It's so easy to make and customize, there's no reason to purchase it. It also freezes well if you want to make a double batch and save some for later.


Several cups cold rice (I actually never have cold rice so I just use fresh rice out of the rice cooker)
6-12 eggs
ham cubes (or diced chicken, or baby shrimp)
frozen peas (or corn or carrots)
soy sauce


I start with the rice. I get it started in the rice cooker. Depending on your batch size make more or less. I recommend about 3 c. rice for a very large batch with leftovers. If you don't have a large frying pan, try 1.5 cups of rice.

While the rice is cooking, prepare the eggs. Beat together eggs in a 4. measuring cup. Don't add salt. The soy sauce will take care of that. If you're making 1.5 cups of rice use 4-6 eggs. If making 5 cups of rice do 12 eggs.

Heat about 2 Tlb. oil in a large skillet (the largest you have). Set a large cutting board next to the stove. When hot, pour a small amount of egg in the center. Swirl it around in your frying pan to make it as flat as possible. Flip with a spatula to finish cooking. If flipping it is hard, cut it in several pieces. Slide it out onto the cutting board. Continue with the rest of the eggs adding more oil to the pan as needed.Roughly chop the eggs and set aside.

Prepare your meat as necessary, cooking either the chicken or shrimp. Cut your meat as necessary to make a small dice. Shrimp can be left whole.

Get out 1-2 cups of frozen vegetables and set aside.

When rice cooker is done, or if using cold rice, add a small amount of oil to the bottom of your large skillet. Pour in the rice. Break up the rice clumps. Add in your meat, eggs & veggies. Pour enough soy sauce over to almost cover. Stir to incorporate. Add more soy sauce if necessary to coat everything.

Heat and serve. If saving for leftovers, allow to cool before bagging. Label, date and freeze.

Cashew Chicken

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