Party Food

Sometimes you just need something to spark your imagination. I also have a board at Pinterest to help.

Main Dish

Cooked pasta shells stuffed with your favorite salad
Mini cream puff shells stuffed with tuna salad or chicken salad
Scoop chips filled with salsa or bean dip
Cracker stacks: ham, cheese, mustard, cream cheese, chutney, etc.
Shrimp topped cucumber with spicy sauce
Lil' Smokies in a blanket
Mini quiche
spring rolls
meatballs in assorted sauces

Cheese Plate

Cheese Ball
Caprese on a stick: mozzarella ball, basil leaf, and baby tomato
assorted cheese & crackers, either slices or cubes
Fillo wrapped brie and cranberry turnovers
Brie, apple & apricot crostini

Fruit & veggies

fruit on skewers
mini glasses with ranch at the bottom and veggie sticks
watermelon balls (in watermelon basket)
cream cheese & olives or peanut butter in celery
potato skins
fruit platter
cucumber bites
caprese bites - or - open faced caprese sandwiches


Deviled Eggs
Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts


Cream Puffs or Eclaires
Fruit Tarts
Danish Pastry squares
Chocolate dipped strawberries

For Kids:

Nutella sandwiches, crusts removed, cut into quarters

Italian Theme

Baked mozzarella cheese sticks
Meatballs and dipping sauce
Baked ravioli
Caprese on a stick: mozzarella ball, basil leaf, and baby tomato 
Pasta salad in a tiny cup
Salad stuffed into a large pasta shell
Fried Mozzarella
Toasted Ravioli

Mexican theme

Mini tacos

Fresh salsa and chips
Mango peach salsa and chips

Taco cups (scoop/bowl shaped chip, beans, taco meat, cheese, diced tomatoes or salsa, squirt of sour cream, olive slice (green onion or other onion?))

7 layer dip

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